Infor Retail at NRF 2016: The retail landscape, digitized

by Infor Retail January 18, 2016 NRF

Infor Retail is at NRF 2016, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the next generation of enterprise retail software. We spoke with Infor President Duncan Angove about the technologies and trends that are defining Retail’s Big Show, and to delve deeper into Infor’s presence at the conference. Learn more, and follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

There’s a revolution afoot in the retail industry, and as we’re seeing at NRF 2016, it centers on digitization. While past years have seen hints of this digital technology, 2016 is the year when it all culminates into something real and significant: by leveraging digital technologies that are truly modern, we’ll start to see supply chains and shopping experiences shift dramatically.

Smart beacons and physical hardware will pave the way for an instrumented world, bringing the shopping experience into our lives like never before. Then, as we move supply chains to the network, we’ll create transparency not just for shoppers, but for enterprises that want to track each item at every stage in the process from “sheep to shelf.” Holding it all together will be beautiful software experiences that are intuitive and friendly to millennial users.

Watch the video:

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