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We’re launching a revolution.


Imagine a single, holistic, and fully integrated system that covers—and connects—every facet of your business. Predictive analytics and smart data to improve business processes. Beautiful, intuitive designs to enhance user engagement. Delivery in the cloud so it’s easier to deploy, integrate, and update. A unifying omnichannel experience that’s mobile, social—and millennial. 


That’s what we’re building. Yet we’re smart enough to know we can’t do it alone.  We’re partnering with savvy retailers to make not just the best retail system ever created, but one that’s grounded in the reality of today’s business environment and ready to adapt to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Retail will never be the same. 

Announcing: Infor partners with Predictix 

As part of this partnership, Infor will infuse Predictix—a groundbreaking provider of cloud-native, predictive, and machine-learning solutions for retailers—into development of Infor CloudSuite™ Retail, with modules that support:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Merchandise Financial Planning
  • Assortment Planning / Category
  • Network Flow Optimization
  • Allocation & Markdown Optimization

"Infor and Predictix sit at the intersection of cloud, analytics, and self-service and this partnership will only accelerate our joint mission to change the retail landscape."
—Duncan Angove, President of Infor

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To kick off its retail reinvention, Infor is partnering with Whole Foods Market—one of the biggest and most successful retailers in the industry today. In collaborating with Whole Foods, we’re developing a brand new platform that will support their needs across the supply chain, leveraging science, design, and retail expertise to develop software at the Whole Foods scale.


Retail verticals we serve


Fashion, Apparel, and Accessories

From tailored suits and t-shirts to undergarments and outerwear, fashion retailers need to manage both style and non-style items with attributes including style, color, size, and fit. Infor Retail gives the fashion industry the tools they need to manage their value chains.

Grocery, Food, and Beverage

Between optimizing shelf space, keeping up with consumer tastes, managing margins, and optimizing staffing levels, the Food and Beverage industry is stacked with complex needs. Infor Retail helps grocery retailers manage important processes and decisions throughout the supply chain.


Department Stores and Home Goods

For department stores and home goods retailers, providing the highest level of service is key to store and brand success. With the help of Infor Talent Science, Infor Retail helps department stores consistently meet product demand while delivering an attractive consumer experience.



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 Infor builds beautiful business applications with last mile functionality and scientific insights for select industries delivered as a cloud service.