NRF 2016: A new revolution in cloud computing and data analytics

by Infor Retail January 21, 2016 NRF

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Many of the most prominent themes at NRF 2016 revolved around cloud computing and data insights, two technologies that will empower retailers to work smarter and more efficiently over the coming year.

As computational power climbs to unprecedented heights, we’re seeing the cloud begin to transform from more than a mode of delivery, into a platform that can enable fundamentally new information models. Then, using the latest developments in predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and machine learning, we’re extracting meaning from data in ways that improve decision-making processes—allowing retailers to deliver better customer experiences everywhere.

To wrap up NRF 2016, we spoke with Infor President Duncan Angove about the conference’s biggest insights surrounding cloud computing and data analytics. Watch the video below:

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