Top 4 things we learned at Shoptalk 2016

by Infor Retail May 24, 2016 Customer Experience

Techies, entrepreneurs, and retailers came together at 2016’s inaugural Shoptalk conference, where expectations were high and excitement was in the air. And with the conference being a startup itself, what better location for some risky business than Vegas? The event was a huge success—and with so many insights from some of the world’s leading retailers and industry experts, what happened there certainly won’t stay there very long. Here are our takeaways:

1. Mobile-first commerce is here

As mobile traffic to online retailers rises, retailers who are prioritizing mobile-first shopping experiences are poised for success. With advancements in visual search (using an image to find an item you’re looking for), the integration of chatbots, and emerging e-commerce capabilities on social media platforms, mobile commerce is a must.

2. Everything is about enhancing the customer experience

Whether it’s an app that helps shoppers escape long checkout lines or incorporating virtual reality into the dressing room, curating an exciting omni-channel customer experience is still the way to win in retail.

3. Millennials are changing retail forever

Millennials are one of history’s largest generations, and they’re changing the way retailers operate across every channel. Social media is increasingly important in reaching this emerging market, and retailers who don’t provide engaging, digital, and mobile shopper experiences for them will get left behind.

4. In-store retail is not dead

Brick-and-mortar stores are the bread and butter of the industry and where 90% of retail sales are still made. With Internet retailers like Warby Parker, Amazon, ModCloth, and Bonobos opening flagship brick-and-mortar locations, pop-up shops, and showrooms, it’s evident that while omni-channel and mobile-first commerce is of utmost importance, shoppers still crave the in-store experience.