Answering retail’s biggest questions with customer journey maps

by Infor Retail October 4, 2016 Customer Experience

What does your customer journey look like?

When it comes to following the customer journey, retailers need to consider an array of important questions. Where are we meeting with our customers? Who are they, and how do they interact with us? What facets of our interactions are working, and which aren’t? Are we always working toward a closer customer relationship?

To help determine the answers to these questions, many retailers are turning to customer journey maps—which, as the name would imply, map the customer journey from start to finish. By conducting research on customers through interviews, data, and extensive analysis, retailers can create an easy-to-read visual depiction of what their shopper journey looks like, which they can then use to build more relevant, more effective, and more profitable experiences. Over at the Infor Customer Experience blog, we took a deep dive into what a customer journey map looks like at here at Infor—following the process from start to finish.

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Customer Journey

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