Reinventing Retail: NRF 2017 predictions

by Infor Retail January 10, 2017 Reinventing Retail

What we expect to see at Retail’s Big Show in NYC

Featuring Guy Courtin of GT Nexus and Matt Gunn of Supply Chain Radio

Every year, the National Retail Federation’s Big Show gives retailers, startups, and tech companies the chance to show off some of their newest innovations. It’s a great chance for us to see what’s in store for the industry as a whole, and as such, there’s a lot to talk about.

We chatted with Matt Gunn, host of the Supply Chain Radio podcast, and Guy Courtin, VP of industry solutions and strategy at GT Nexus, about the trends we expect to see at NRF this year. From supply chain trends, to new “it” technologies like the Internet of Things, VR, and RFID, retail promises to head in some interesting—and unexpected—directions throughout the course of 2017.

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