Intelligence is more than AI

by Infor Retail June 27, 2018 Reinventing Retail

Honoring the human elements of subscription retail

In this episode, we chat with Alon Waks of Kustomer and Georg Richter of the subscription retailing platform Ocean X, two up-and-coming retail technologists who are focused on the collection and proper utilization of customer data to create top-notch retail experiences. No other retail model collects more customer data than the subscription service, where cadence (not speed), last-mile fulfillment, and engagement across endless channels can make or break a brand. But with so many touch points for every transaction, how can subscription retailers survive without drowning in data? According to Georg and Alon, the answers lie in leveraging customer data for seamless automation and business intelligence. Listen now and Leave Your Legacy with the next generation of retail software from Infor.



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