Infor Leaderboard

Infor makes a splash on the 2016 RIS News Software LeaderBoard

by Infor Retail | Announcements | December 15, 2016

Number one in ROI and several prestigious top-five rankings At Infor, we have the honor of working with some of the most innovative companies in retail—companies that are helping define the future of omni-channel commerce. We’re proud that these companies rely on us for the solutions that enable them to engage their customers more effectively… Read more »

Infor Retail Manifesto UK

The Infor Retail Manifesto

by The Infor Retail team | Announcements | December 6, 2016

Transforming an industry—and the experience—with next generation technology Infor Retail is revolutionising the retail industry. We’re working with retailers in more than 67 countries, providing them with the next generation of enterprise software—which we’re building from the ground up for modern, personalised shopping experiences. From the board room to the showroom floor, retail will never… Read more »

How supply chain visibility translates to happier customers

Traceability: Beyond compliance

by The Infor Retail team | Assortment Planning | November 29, 2016

How supply chain visibility translates to happier customers In a global supply chain where hundreds of materials from dozens of countries can go into making just one garment, it’s imperative that retailers have complete visibility into when, where, and how their goods are traveling around the world. To make things even more complicated, consumers are… Read more »

Virtual visit to the Infor Retail Garage

The Infor Retail Garage

by The Infor Retail team | Digital Transformation | November 21, 2016

A culture built around design thinking; products built around customers At Infor Retail, we have a mantra: Start at the end. We believe that great enterprise software begins by understanding the people who will be using it every day and getting to know how they work (and how they’d like to work). That’s the foundation… Read more »


Reinventing Retail 8: Ziad Nejmeldeen

by The Infor Retail team | Reinventing Retail | November 18, 2016

Data science isn’t only changing the retail game, it’s rewriting the rules Chief Scientist at Infor Dr. Ziad Nejmeldeen joined us on this episode of the Reinventing Retail podcast to talk about the impact of big data and predictive analytics across the retail industry. We learned that through the power of design-led user experiences, next-generation… Read more »


Don’t be tricked—Halloween is a treat for retailers

by Infor Retail | Assortment Planning | October 27, 2016

Halloween candy, costumes, and party prep are worth billions Temperatures might drop in the fall, but that doesn’t stop Halloween from being one of the hottest retail holidays of the year. Total Halloween spending is growing by 12% year over year, and shoppers are spending an average of $82.93 for the holiday—additionally, more than half… Read more »

Is Christmas coming too early for retailers?

Is Christmas coming too early for retailers?

by Infor Retail | Assortment Planning | October 19, 2016

How soon is too soon for holiday shopping? In an effort to appeal to early holiday shoppers—and maybe beat the competition to the punch—many stores have stretched the gift buying season to begin as early as mid-October. For some multi-tasking store goers, the ability to buy Christmas decorations alongside Halloween candy is a great convenience.… Read more »

converged commerce

Omni-channel retailing: Even if it ain’t broke, you should still fix it

by Infor Retail | Converged Commerce | October 13, 2016

Whether retailers have jumped on board with omni-channel or not, engaging with customers across every platform to enable personalized shopping experiences isn’t a new concept. But as retailers assess the multiple solutions to tackling omni-channel and struggle with the need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, shoppers can’t tell the difference between retailers with seamless,… Read more »

GT Nexus election thumb

Retailers share concerns heading into the 2016 presidential election

by Infor Retail | Supply Chain | October 6, 2016

Retail executives weigh in on the potential supply chain consequences of the 2016 presidential election Presidential elections can present a significant risk for retail businesses, which can suffer negative consequences from even the smallest legal or regulatory changes. When it comes to this year’s presidential race, both candidates share relatively similar positions on the topic… Read more »

The DL on PSL thumbnail

The DL on PSL

by Infor Retail | Infographics | September 22, 2016

Fall is here, and so is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Check out this infographic to see how Starbucks’ iconic coffee drink has created an economy all its own—and how the retail industry is cashing in on the PSL craze.  

Starmount is now an Infor company

by Infor Retail | Announcements | August 2, 2016

Infor has completed its acquisition of Starmount, an innovative mobile-first company out of Austin, TX that’s transforming the in-store customer experience.

Talking shop: Infor Retail at Inforum 2016

by Infor Retail | Inforum | July 14, 2016

Check out our recap of Inforum 2016 in New York City, including highlights from The Hub, the Retail Night Out event, and voting for the Fashion Design ICONS Award.