Infor Retail- Moneyball and retail

Moneyball and retail

by The Infor Retail team | Assortment Planning | April 11, 2017

What does Moneyball have to do with the retail industry? Guy Courtin explains—just in time for baseball season.


Retail in real time

by The Infor Retail team | Data Science | March 29, 2017

Discover how early adopters of HTAP technology are set to lead the charge in fulfillment, customer experience, and the future of retail.

How retailers can combat disruption through digital transformation

Technology eats the world

by The Infor Retail team | Digital Transformation | March 7, 2017

Infor President Duncan Angove discusses digital disruption and bridging the gap between what an analog company can deliver and what today’s digital customer expects.

Who is generation Z: meet generation Z

Millennials, move over: Meet Gen Z

by The Infor Retail team | Customer Experience | February 28, 2017

For years, retailers have been scrambling to figure out how to reach millennials. Now, Generation Z is taking over. To make the most of this growing market segment, retailers need to start thinking about their future customers now.

Infor Retail at NRF 2017

NRF 2017

by Infor Retail | NRF | January 30, 2017

Retail analysts and industry experts from Aberdeen, IDC, and Infor discuss highlights from this year’s NRF.

Info retail retail-is-not-dead

Retail’s not dead

by Infor Retail | NRF | January 25, 2017

Check out this recap of NRF and see why experts say the retail industry is here to stay.

next gen retail software solutions

Reinventing Retail: Results

by Infor Retail | NRF | January 5, 2017

Watch this video to find out how Infor Retail software is delivering real results to our partner in co-innovation, Designer Shoe Warehouse.

Omni-channel for retail

Mastering the art of omni-channel retailing

by Infor Retail | Converged Commerce | January 3, 2017

Omni-channel engagement has become the standard operating procedure in retail and retailers have had to determine what this means for their particular brand and customer. This post explores how these changes have come about and what it means for the future of retail.

infor retail demo

Reinventing Retail: Passion

by Infor Retail | NRF | December 29, 2016

In this video, you’ll see that Infor Retail’s vision to reinvent an industry would be nothing without the enduring passion of our worldwide team.


Reinventing Retail: Vision

by Infor Retail | NRF | December 22, 2016

Infor Retail is revolutionizing the customer experience We believe that modern, user-focused technology can create a future-proofed retail enterprise with shopping experiences that are more personal and dynamic to keep customers happy today, and coming back tomorrow. But it takes more than just vision to revolutionize an industry. You need the passion to rebuild decades-old… Read more »


Reinventing Retail: 2016 retail holiday predictions

by The Infor Retail team | Reinventing Retail | December 19, 2016

Featuring GT Nexus supply chain expert Guy Courtin With the winter holidays quickly approaching, we sat down with Guy Courtin, VP of industry and solutions at GT Nexus, to discuss the effects of online shopping, current events, and lenient return policies this holiday season. We talked about the near-ubiquity of discounts, and whether or not… Read more »

how retailers work on a global level

Reinventing retail around the world

by The Infor Retail team | Converged Commerce | December 15, 2016

Next generation software that’s changing how retailers work, on a global level Many retailers have already realised they need to be able to seamlessly integrate data across the enterprise. But data, and Big Data, are just part of the answer. The necessity is for software solutions that are not only analytics-driven and dynamic, but also… Read more »

Infor Retail Converged Commerce

Shopping made simple with Converged Commerce

by Infor Retail | Converged Commerce | December 15, 2016

A single selling platform for seamless customer experiences Trying to make the leap from single channel commerce to omni-channel by implementing disparate technology solutions often creates an inflexible and fragile system that’s further compromised by data silos. While integrating existing POS, e-commerce, and distributed order management systems can help you achieve an omni-channel experience, it… Read more »