Top 3 reasons to visit Infor Retail at NRF 2018

by Infor Retail January 16, 2018 NRF

1. Discover how to Leave Your Legacy

We don’t believe retail isn’t dying … but retail as we know it is. Just as Netflix disrupted an industry and ushered in the golden era of television, retailers have a great opportunity to transform their industry and build lasting brand legacies—if they’re willing to take the leap with modern business strategies and the cutting-edge technology to support them.

Stop by our booth at NRF 2018 to find out how we’re revolutionizing the way retailers work and the way consumers shop with next-gen software that’s smart, integrated, and beautiful.

2. Catch a glimpse of the hyper-connected retail future

The Internet of Things is ushering in a new era of traceability and visibility from the supply chain all the way to the store. But in order for retailers to turn this new mass data into meaningful information, they’ll need both the sensors and the software to get it done.

A global leader in packaging, labels, and RFID, Infor partner Avery Dennison is joining us in booth 3421 at NRF to showcase how together, we’re improving inventory accuracy, visibility, and customer satisfaction for omni-channel success.

3. Infor + the Brooklyn Nets: Transformation, delivered

Infor’s sponsorship with the Brooklyn Nets goes far beyond the logo patch on the players’ jerseys you’ve seen this season. Together, we’re leveraging the power of data science and machine learning to improve the on-court performance, business operations, and fan experiences of our Silicon Alley home team.

Our vision for the Nets’ transformation is to fundamentally change the way New Yorkers think about event venues, too. “The goal for the BSE-owned Barclays Center is to move away from event loyalty,” said James Toomey, VP of digital transformation at H&L Digital. “We want to get to the point where customers say, ‘I want to go to Barclays Center this weekend. What do they have going on?’”

Visit our booth for the full story of how Infor’s partnership with the Brooklyn Nets is transforming the NBA experience for players, employees, and fans.

Learn more about Infor Retail and visit us in booth 3421 at NRF 2018.


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