Built for adaptability: GT Nexus and the future of supply chain management

by Infor Retail February 22, 2016 NRF

Technology empowers retailers to manage their supply chains with efficiency and gives them visibility over the products that move through their processes and systems. Recent breakthroughs, however, are driving significant leaps in what these platforms are capable of. By interconnecting supply chains, retailers are exponentially boosting the visibility, responsiveness, and intelligence of their systems. And by delivering all of that functionality in a single instance, multi-tenant cloud environment, they can ensure that their systems are optimized and ready for future evolution.

According to Tom Rhoads, global account manager at GT Nexus, the application should not change the way you do business, but rather it should help the business through seamless upgrades, an embedded workflow, and external integration. From embedding new functional capabilities within the software, to co-innovating with retail partners, learn more from Tom about what the ERP network of networks can do for retailers today and in the future. Watch the video below:

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