“Showrooming”: Where it comes from, and how retailers can fix it

by Infor Retail March 1, 2016 NRF

“Showrooming,” as it’s come to be known in the retail industry, is the troublesome trend where shoppers use brick and mortar stores as glorified demo spaces: after trying out products they’re interested in purchasing, many of today’s shoppers will buy those items online at a lower price. Since showrooming emerged a few years ago, retailers have attempted to pinpoint the specific scenarios that have made it the retail game-changer it’s become.

Greg Girard, Program Director for Onmichannel Retail Analytics at IDC Retail Insights, has spent years studying showrooming, and sees it as a byproduct of consumers’ instant access to social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technologies. The longer it takes for retailers to to create consistent experiences across all channels, Girard believes, the longer showrooming will continue to plague retailers. The solution? Reinvention on a large scale, like the one Infor Retail is helping Whole Foods realize. Watch the video below.