Reinventing Retail: Vision

by Infor Retail December 22, 2016 NRF

Infor Retail is revolutionizing the customer experience

We believe that modern, user-focused technology can create a future-proofed retail enterprise with shopping experiences that are more personal and dynamic to keep customers happy today, and coming back tomorrow. But it takes more than just vision to revolutionize an industry. You need the passion to rebuild decades-old technology from the ground up, and the results to prove it works. At Infor, we’ve got all three, and we’re ready to show you how we’re reinventing retail with modern solutions for:

  • Converged Commerce
  • Demand Management
  • IT Simplification in the cloud
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Workforce Management

In this video, Infor President Duncan Angove shares our vision for the future of retail, why we’re changing the way the industry works, and how we’re blazing the trail forward with next generation retail and fashion software.