Omni-channel retail: From buzzword to reality

by Infor Retail February 18, 2016 NRF

You can’t discuss the next generation of enterprise retail software without mentioning omni-channel functionality. As shoppers now have the option to purchase products on whatever platforms are most convenient to them at a given moment in time, a retailer needs to coordinate its experiences for consistency across channels for its customers—whether it’s online, on mobile, or in a brick and mortar setting.

We spoke with Victoria Brown, Senior Research Analyst at IDC Retail Insights, about omni-channel shifting from a buzzword into an industry must-have. As retailers scramble to create more cohesive shopping experiences, they’re being forced to re-think their stances on everything from distributed order management, to the very concept of what constitutes a brick and mortar “store.” Listen to what she has to say in the video below: