Building a more efficient, more transparent retail platform

by Infor Retail November 12, 2015 Converged Commerce

The retail process may conclude with an over-the-counter sale, but the supply chain infrastructure leading up to that interaction is endlessly complex—to the point where many retailers have only a vague idea of where their products may have originated.

For a brand like Whole Foods Market, which has built a reputation on its high-quality, organic, often locally-sourced inventory, the ability to maintain real-time visibility on their products is a fundamental priority. By partnering with Infor Retail, they’re looking to collapse dozens of systems into one holistic solution—enabling a more transparent supply chain, and bringing products to store shelves faster than ever before.

We talked with Jason Buechel, Executive Vice President and CIO of Whole Foods Market, about the robust technological infrastructure it takes to follow each individual item through the supply chain. Learn more about the system—and the consumer benefits it brings—in the video below.

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