Born digital: What veteran retailers can learn from the omni-channel paradigm

by Infor Retail March 16, 2016 Converged Commerce

Sweeping developments in e-commerce, cloud technology, and multi-channel shopping habits have dramatically evolved the retail landscape over the past few years. And while some retailers are adapting their strategies, newer retailers have built their systems on them. These “born-digital” retailers are leveraging a mobile-first, cloud-first technological paradigm to develop presence, agility, and relevance in a marketplace that is constantly on the move.

What can veteran retailers learn from their born-digital counterparts? We talked with Greg Girard, Program Director for Onmichannel Retail Analytics at IDC Retail Insights, about the born-digital retailer and the unique ways in which they approach familiar challenges. From smaller brick-and-mortar stores, to omni-channel commerce models, Girard covers the many ways that this new breed of retailer is leveraging brick and mortar assets as just one tool in a wider arsenal. Watch the video below:

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