David Dorf at Infor HQ

Now you see it, now you don’t

by Infor Retail | Converged Commerce | February 6, 2018

David Dorf, Infor VP of Product Strategy, reveals the magic behind networked distributed order management—and how it’s staged to help retailers deliver the greatest customer experience on earth.

Omni-channel for retail

Mastering the art of omni-channel retailing

by Infor Retail | Converged Commerce | January 3, 2017

Omni-channel engagement has become the standard operating procedure in retail and retailers have had to determine what this means for their particular brand and customer. This post explores how these changes have come about and what it means for the future of retail.

Infor Retail Converged Commerce

Shopping made simple with Converged Commerce

by Infor Retail | Converged Commerce | December 15, 2016

A single selling platform for seamless customer experiences Trying to make the leap from single channel commerce to omni-channel by implementing disparate technology solutions often creates an inflexible and fragile system that’s further compromised by data silos. While integrating existing POS, e-commerce, and distributed order management systems can help you achieve an omni-channel experience, it… Read more »

converged commerce

Omni-channel retailing: Even if it ain’t broke, you should still fix it

by Infor Retail | Converged Commerce | October 13, 2016

Whether retailers have jumped on board with omni-channel or not, engaging with customers across every platform to enable personalized shopping experiences isn’t a new concept. But as retailers assess the multiple solutions to tackling omni-channel and struggle with the need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, shoppers can’t tell the difference between retailers with seamless,… Read more »