Building a suite of software from scratch

by Infor Retail | Cloud | October 28, 2015

The opportunity to write a completely new software suite doesn’t come along very often. Infor Retail is perfectly poised to do just that, revolutionizing retail from the ground up.

Flexibility-driven innovation: from user experience and big data to HCM and Retail

by Infor Retail | Cloud | October 14, 2015

Marc Scibelli, Infor’s Chief Creative Officer, believes that one of the most important virtues we can embrace in enterprise software is something he calls “flexibility of mind” or the “beginner’s mind.” It’s the ability to look at a situation without expectations or assumptions, to enable an adaptable approach to solving new and complex problems. For… Read more »

Infor Retail: What differentiates this tech shift from the 90s?

by Infor Retail | Cloud | October 13, 2015

The modernization of retail enterprise software in the 1990s predated the world of online shopping, social media, and mobile devices. Twenty years later, technological progress, changes in consumer behavior, and the challenges of the global economy are making the current retail business solutions obsolete.  Erik Hageman, Director of Hook & Loop, recently sat down with… Read more »