Shoptalk 2017: The highlight reel

by The Infor Retail team March 28, 2017 Announcements

Our takeaways and recommendations from this year’s next gen commerce event in Vegas

Omni-channel is old news

We’ve known for awhile now that time is running out for retailers who are still playing catchup to market and sell across commerce channels. In fact, even saying “omni-channel is old news,” is in itself … old news.

Now on top of omni-channel, every shopper interaction needs to ensure that retailers win the sale. It’s all about customer-centered commerce, which means not only being present in every channel, but capitalizing on each channel’s strengths: experience and touch in store, seamless user experience online, and mobile-friendly interaction everywhere else.

Our recommendation: Invest in a holistic technology platform that puts the customer at the center of every interaction across the retail operation, instead of disparate, bespoke solutions for each commerce channel that likely will not integrate seamlessly.

The return of mobile

So many apps, so little time. Today’s shoppers are fueled by instant gratification. And downloading an app, navigating the user experience, and doing so for each of your favorite retailers is (by today’s standards) a painstaking process for customers. Apps take up valuable storage space, clutter up devices, and present yet another barrier to purchase. Our takeaway: Without a very specific problem best solved by an app, there really is no justification to create one.

Our recommendation: Retailers should be building commerce platforms that are designed for mobile experiences, instead of creating purchasing obstacles with apps or reconfiguring outdated legacy systems that simply can’t keep up with mobile shopper behavior.

Rethinking the retail C-suite

When it comes to technology decisions, are there too many cooks in the kitchens of today’s retail C-suites? Think about it. Each member of any C-suite is going to have a different view of what the best software is for their department, resulting in an amalgam of disparate, “best-of-breed” solutions across the enterprise.

Our recommendation: Retailers should hire one point of contact in the C-suite for all tech-related decisions to future-proof the enterprise and align their technology systems across the board.

Everyone’s talking about voice commerce

By now we’re all comfortable asking Cortana to launch our favorite jazz playlist, having Siri book our calendar for a dentist appointment or telling Alexa to refill our Amazon Pantry order at a moment’s notice. And at Shoptalk 2017, voice commerce was all the buzz. But while voice command technology is exciting and certainly has a multitude of implications for retail and commerce, it’s extremely important that we figure out how this technology (in conjunction with AI) will be widely accepted as more than a novelty in retail first—before retailers go all in.

Our recommendation: We think voice commerce sounds exciting too, but at this point in the game, no one can predict where this will land. Retailers should collaborate with a modern technology partner who can help them navigate the path to integrating the latest innovations, smartly.

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