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by Infor Retail August 31, 2016 Announcements

Q&A with Nunzio Esposito, UX Director, Infor CX

What can user-centered design do for retailers?

User-centered design forces retailers to look through a lens of the shopper experience, allowing them to better understand what their customers want. What’s great about this approach is that it often leads retailers to address problems in other areas like operational change, loss prevention, and HR.

How is Infor Retail changing the industry?

If you’re going to change an industry, you literally need to throw out any rule book you have, and get comfortable with change.

We are focused on the customer intent throughout the in-store experience, and giving the retail workforce a platform to become the best shopper advocates they can. For nearly a decade, shoppers have been more informed and better equipped than their in-store counterparts, but we’re providing retailers with a level playing field—not for the sake of ownership of information, but in order to form a real connection with customers. We are human, and we believe that the human connection is what drives value for both our customers and our customers’ customers.

What do you love most about the retail industry?

Finding the connective tissue between customer, product, store, and brand is what everyone is trying to solve for in retail. This equation is intriguing and complex, because the formula comes down to emotional intellect and contextual understanding.


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