How supply chain visibility translates to happier customers

Traceability: Beyond compliance

by The Infor Retail team | Assortment Planning | November 29, 2016

How supply chain visibility translates to happier customers In a global supply chain where hundreds of materials from dozens of countries can go into making just one garment, it’s imperative that retailers have complete visibility into when, where, and how their goods are traveling around the world. To make things even more complicated, consumers are… Read more »

Virtual visit to the Infor Retail Garage

The Infor Retail Garage

by The Infor Retail team | Digital Transformation | November 21, 2016

A culture built around design thinking; products built around customers At Infor Retail, we have a mantra: Start at the end. We believe that great enterprise software begins by understanding the people who will be using it every day and getting to know how they work (and how they’d like to work). That’s the foundation… Read more »


Reinventing Retail 8: Ziad Nejmeldeen

by The Infor Retail team | Reinventing Retail | November 18, 2016

Data science isn’t only changing the retail game, it’s rewriting the rules Chief Scientist at Infor Dr. Ziad Nejmeldeen joined us on this episode of the Reinventing Retail podcast to talk about the impact of big data and predictive analytics across the retail industry. We learned that through the power of design-led user experiences, next-generation… Read more »